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Garden Recycle?

Garden Recycle - information and inspiration

Garden Recycle focuses on reclaimed furniture for the garden as well

What’s that?

Garden Recycle is, first and foremost about freedom of expression around the home and garden.

The beauty of recycled, up-cycled and reclaimed furniture is that there are very few rules and everyone can take part. The benefit of recycling is that we’re creating and expressing ourselves in unique ways and being kind to the environment at the same time.

It’s a win, win situation – and it’s easy to get involved.

We’ll even tell you how to make money out of recycled furniture for the garden and home.

In fact,  by launching Garden Recycle, we’ve just made it even easier to do exactly that …

The other guarantee we can offer is that you’ll be hooked with a desire to get even more involved by actually doing it for yourself.

Trust us – we are.


Is it expensive?


The simple answer is, no. But, it would be more accurate to say, that it can be as cost effective or expensive as you want it to be.

It depends how far you want to take it. There are people who spend a fortune on antique, reclaimed furniture from far-away places.

And then there are those who simply get an old watering-can and turn into an outdoor shower!

Either way, both sorts of people are recycling and taking part to a level that they’re comfortable with and find inspirational.

And that’s all anyone can ask.


What’s in it for me?


Firstly, it’s fun and rewarding.

Secondly, by getting involved and adding your own spin on this novel way to decorate your home and garden you’re stimulating the mind and having a positive impact on the environment around you as well as creating something unique as well.

There is also the opportunity to earn some cash. The very nature of recycling, reclaiming or up-cycling involves raw materials that will cost you little or nothing giving you an opportunity to sell your wares on – particularly if you have access to the raw materials in bulk.

And lastly, what other reasons do you need?

Go on, be a devil, become a Garden Recycle fan today.