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About Us

About Us and why we’re doing this?



To be honest, it’s not really about us. We’re doing this because we feel we need to give the subject a proper voice and because we can.

We are The Garden Furniture Centre and for over twenty years now we have sourced and sold the highest quality furniture for inside and outside the home. In recent years it has been difficult to ignore the growing trend and consumer desire for eye-catching furniture that recycled or reclaimed in some way.

We’ve also noticed that there’s a distinct lack of anyone promoting this – across its full spectrum – online.

That’s not to say nobody is doing it – it’s just to say that nobody is doing it across the whole spectrum.

Some just concentrate on recycling, others simply on up-cycling, while others may just focus on reclaimed.

This site will focus on all areas – in one place.

Welcome to Garden Recycle.

About Us | Garden Recycle

If it’s not about us – what is it all about?


Anything and everything to do with furniture that is recycled, up-cycled, reclaimed or eco-friendly.

We’re interested in everything from the hobby recycler who makes plant holders from old bra’s, to more commercial, bulk manufacturers of eco-benches and responsibly sourced furniture from managed forests.

Basically, the aim is to drag everything into one place and offer you ideas, know-how and inspiration on how to get on the recycling band-wagon and adapt it to your own tastes and needs, allowing you can be kind to the environment and express yourself at the same time.

Your options are endless as well.

You can subscribe to this blog and get updates directly to your inbox on a weekly basis. Alternatively you can get social with it and follow our social media presence through Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Or you can contact us directly with your ideas and innovations and, if we like them and feel their relevant, we’ll feature them on this blog and promote you to a larger and ever-growing market.

Our aim is not to make money.

It is to entertain, enlighten and inform with positive end results – both for the environment and general consumer choice.

We hope you enjoy.